'Spider-Man' PS4 Sequel Could Potentially See Venom and the Black Suit

Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 is such an exhilarating experience. There's nothing like swinging through the streets of New York City and battling familiar villains. But obviously there's room for expansion with a potential sequel -- and the teases of what's to come have already begun.


Even though the Symbiote suit didn't appear in the game (although there is a small tribute to it here), game director Bryan Intihar has teased that it could be included with the follow-up to Spider-Man once it's confirmed. On top of that, Venom, who didn't make the cut, could stop by as well.

This comes from a quote while Intihar was talking with Kinda Funny Games last week, in which he explained how these could be factored into a follow-up.

He said, "I think something like that suit (Symbiote suit) deserves its day in the spotlight. I think just making it an unlockable suit wouldn't be doing it justice. It's one of the best stories for Spider-Man. I think it's a complex story. And I think it's a story that needs to be told, and it needs to be told the way Insomniac would tell it."

This ties in with a quote from Intihar speaking with IGN, in which he didn't confirm the sequel, but noted that it would be great to expand upon the universe.

If the quote looks familiar, it previously popped up in this story where Intihar explained why the suit wasn't in the game. But considering the game's massive success, it wouldn't surprise us if Sony was looking to team up with Insomniac Games and Marvel for a sequel down the road, for a potential release on the PlayStation 5 (or the PS4, depending on the market at the time).

For the time being, obviously, the teams will stay focused on what the current game has to offer. The full game is earning a lot of kudos from fans and critics alike, and the first of three DLC packs, featuring Black Cat, will release next month and give them even more content to get into. So one step at a time.


If it's Venom love you're after, however, keep in mind you still have the Tom Hardy movie that's opening next month. And if you're really feeling that itch, you can play as the character in the likes of Maximum Carnage for SNES and Genesis; as well as Ultimate Spider-Man for PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube.