The Avengers Exist in Spider-Man PS4 Universe

Spider Man Avengers

The Avengers exist within the universe of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Marvel's Spider-Man, and may even be characters in the game itself.

The confirmation comes way of new gameplay footage of the game captured from its E3 demo, which was being showed off by Sony earlier this week at the trade show in Los Angeles.

Said footage doesn't show any of The Avengers in the game, but what it does show is the Avengers Tower dwarfing every other Manhattan skyscraper. You can check out the tower for yourself by skipping to the 53 second mark in the following video (courtesy of 'Caboose').

It's important to note this doesn't confirm that The Avengers are in the game, just that they exist within its universe. There's a chance this is nothing more than a mere easter egg, a nod to the shared universe meant to get Marvel fanatics (like ourselves) to spiral down a rabbit hole of speculation.

If they do exist in the game, who knows what capacity it will be in. If they were in it in a meaningful way, you would have assumed they would have been revealed alongside the release of Infinity War back in April when The Avengers is all anyone could talk or think about. That said, it seems more likely they would be reserved to a cameo, or a minor appearance in a side-quest or something akin in significance

What's also unclear is whether players will be able to scale the Avengers Tower -- which features Insomniac Games own unique design -- like they can other buildings in the game. Given that it towers over everything else in Manhattan, it wouldn't be surprising if players are unable to get all the way to the top.

Marvel's Spider-Man is in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4, slated to release on September 7th.


In case you missed it, earlier this week confirmation that Daredevil exists within the game's universe was also revealed, though like The Avengers, it isn't clear if he will actually be in the game or not.

Let us know in the comments below whether or not you think The Avengers will make an appearance in the upcoming Insomniac title. And if you think they will, in what capacity?