Spider-Man PS4 Lets You Change The Weather and Time of Day After Beating It


One of the biggest releases this year is undoubtedly the PS4 exclusive from Ratchet and Clank developer Insomniac Games. What game is that you ask? Oh, just a Spider-Man game, no big deal.

Wrong. It is a big deal. Spider-Man looks poised to be one of the biggest PS4 exclusive titles this generation for Sony Interactive Entertainment. It's such a big deal, that even the game's minutia is gobbled up with ravenous fervor.

That said, the latest teeny detail about Spider-Man for PS4 is word that you will be able to manually control time of day and weather conditions after you complete the game. News of the feature comes way of Game Director Bryan Intihar, via GameInformer.

“The truth is, this is a very story heavy game, and as you guys know a lot of great games use time of day to communicate a certain feel/vibe to the situation [depending] where you are in the story, so we want to make sure that we were communicating a certain feeling to the player while they were first making their way through the main story,” said Intihar. “That being said, when you do finish the game you can actually change time of day and weather yourself manually.”

It makes sense that Isomniac Games would avoid dynamic time of day and weather, as both further complicate storytelling. However, other story-heavy games, such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, have done it in the past, and done it well. So it's not impossible.

Elsewhere Intihar confirms that the open-world setting will be limited to just Manhattan. Further, the director confirms there is no fall damage at all, even on the game's most difficult setting. Other details, such as the ability to wall crawl and talk of Symbiotes, are touched upon, as well as a ton of other topics. So, if Spidey tidbits are your thing, be sure to check out the previously linked GI article.


Marvel’s Spider-Man is poised to launch on September 6, 2018, exclusively for the PS4.

In other recent and related news, an official art book of the game was leaked today via Amazon. Meanwhile, a range of secrets behind Spidey's suit in the game were also recently revealed.