Horizons of Spirit Island Announced

A new standalone Spirit Island game is coming to Target later this year. Greater Than Games has announced Horizons of Spirit Island, a new version of Spirit Island designed to help introduce new players to the popular settler-destruction game. Horizons of Spirit Island will feature four brand new Spirits with a lower complexity ceiling than the Spirits in the original Spirit Island game, but will otherwise retain the same core gameplay and mechanics. To keep costs down, the Blight, Invader, and Dahan village tokens will all be made with cardboard. Horizons of Spirit Island can be played as a 2-3 player standalone game, and its Spirits can be used in the original Spirit Island game or expansions. 

Spirit Island is a settler-destruction game in which players control a Spirit of nature trying to deter waves of settlers from taking over their beloved island. Each Spirit has its own innate powers and resources and work together with the indigenous Dahan to keep the lands clear of settlers. The settlers move in predictable patterns, by exploring, settling, and then ravaging the land in consecutive turns, and players will need to work together to stop the settlers in their tracks. Spirit Island is one of the top ten rated games on Board Game Geek and has three full-fledged expansions that add more Spirits and mechanics, along with a digital version of the game available on PC and mobile devices. 

Horizons of Spirit Island can be seen as an equivalent of sorts to Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, a similar standalone game by Cephlofair Games that introduced Target customers to the mechanics and world of the popular game Gloomhaven.

Horizons of Spirit Island will be released in October 2022 and will have a retail price of $30. The game will be a Target exclusive for two years.