Ubisoft Says It Still Wants To Make A New Splinter Cell

(Photo: Ubisoft)

While Ubisoft didn't unveil a new Splinter Cell game during E3 2018, it has come out and reiterated that it wants to come back to the beloved series, but it just has nothing to announce at the moment.

If you're like me and now homeless because you bet your house and Finnish Spitz that Ubisoft would reveal a brand-new entry in the Splinter Cell series, you're probably wondering: where the heck is a new Splinter Cell game, Ubisoft?

In the build-up to E3, a new Splinter Cell game was a slam dunk E3 prediction for many, However, despite the mounting evidence that a new entry in the series is coming, Ubisoft's E3 conference did Sam Fisher dirty, forgetting he exists.

That said, the dream still lives.

Speaking to Geoff Keighley (via Cultured Vultures), Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot noted that he and his company still want to return to the franchise, but E3 just isn't the right moment to say anything.

According to the CEO, Ubisoft "loves the brand" and "really wants to come back with it at some point," however, nothing can't be said about any plans with the series at the moment.

Now, if this wishy-washy confirmation that a new Splinter Cell game is coming sounds familiar, it's because last year Guillemot said Ubisoft was receiving pitches, one of which would be picked up by the publisher. At the time, the CEO teased that fans of the series would just have to wait to see more. And apparently we aren't done waiting.


If in 2017 Ubisoft was still receiving pitches for a new Splinter Cell game, it's understandable why we haven't seen anything yet. The above Guillemot tease was back in June 2017, which means even if they chose said project the day after that would only leave a year of development time before this past E3, which really isn't very much. Now, if we don't see it come E3 2019, well then there will be cause for some concern.

Let us know in the comments below whether or not you think Ubisoft is working on a new Splinter Cell game. If so, when do you think they will reveal it?