Splinter Cell VR Canceled by Ubisoft

Ubisoft announced today that it has canceled the development of Splinter Cell VR, which was poised to be a virtual reality game set within the world of the publisher's stealth-action franchise. Back in 2020, Ubisoft first revealed that it was working on a VR iteration of Splinter Cell in tandem with Facebook (which is now Meta) that would come to Oculus headsets. Although we never saw what the game might look like in action, it now seems as though we never will. 

Revealed during a recent call with investors this afternoon, Ubisoft confirmed that its Red Storm studio is no longer working on Splinter Cell VR. The publisher didn't give much of a reason for this cancellation, but merely cited changes in regard to financials. The implication here is that Ubisoft didn't feel like the money that it was pouring into the project would then be recouped once Splinter Cell VR actually launched.

Even though it might be disappointing to some to hear that Splinter Cell VR is no longer happening, Ubisoft is at the very least still working on the series in some capacity at the moment. Specifically, a remake of the first Splinter Cell was announced by Ubisoft at the end of 2021. This remake is currently in development at Ubisoft Toronto, and at this point, we haven't seen anything specific from the project. In fact, when the Splinter Cell remake was revealed, those at Ubisoft Toronto stressed that work on the game was in the very early stages. As such, it might take quite a bit longer until we get a formal return from Sam Fisher. 

In a general sense, Splinter Cell as a franchise has been dormant for nearly 10 years. The last game in the series, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, launched all the way back in 2013. And while it seemed like Splinter Cell VR would finally break this drought, it looks like we'll instead have to wait for this forthcoming remake. 

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