Report: 'Spyro Reignited Trilogy' Physical Disc Still Requires Hefty Download

A little while back, we reported the news that Spyro Reignited Trilogy’s retail edition would require a huge Internet download, leaving some fans wondering what the benefit of buying it physically really is. But with the game’s delay, there were hopes that Activision was fixing the problem, offering more of the game’s content on the disc. And while that sounded like that might be the case for awhile, it turns out that the final product does still require a little bit of patience to start up.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

A thread has popped up on Resetera, with some fans getting their hands on the game early noting that a huge download is still required to get the game up and running at full speed. In it, one Reddit user showed off his retail copy, which clearly notes “Requires content download.”

The thread then saw another photo added, with a user noting, “It doesn`t even look like a space issue at all,” with it depicting that around 42GB of downloading is required to get the game operating, while less than 1GB comes from the disc itself.

Spyro 2
(Photo: Resetera)

As a result, a lot of fans have voiced their displeasure from the situation, with some predictably saying that buying the retail version seems like a waste. “That’s truly ridiculous if true,” said Resetera member Soj. “Might as well just sell a box with a download code in it.”

Another user, Mr. Fantastic, had this to say: “The state of gaming these days. Between this and the Fallout day 1 patch fiasco we need a reset on this hobby.” (He’s referring to the 54GB download patch required for Fallout 76 when it releases tonight, on top of the core game size.)

Resetera user Lady Bow was straightforward with her response: “Activision too cheap to put out a second disc. Sucks for people with shitty internet connections.”

Now, keep in mind this is just one report -- and one that appears to be reflecting on the U.K. version of the game. The U.S. edition might be different, as we haven’t seen reports on those yet. However, it’s likely that they could be in the same boat.


As for those that are purchasing the digital download version, that shouldn’t be an issue, as the game will simply go onto your hard drive. But just make sure you have the proper space -- the Xbox One version takes up around 45GB or so of space, while the PlayStation 4 edition is a little higher around 65GB.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy releases tonight for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Despite the download hubbub, it looks like a great game thus far.