Square Enix Sale Features More World-Class RPGs Than You Could Ever Beat in a Lifetime

(Photo: Square Enix)

Got some extra time to spare this holiday? You're gonna need it. A new sale from Square Enix has put almost all of its best role playing games from past and present on the cheap for a limited time. From the latest games like NieR: Automata to classics like Chrono Cross, there's a little something for players of all ages, especially with only a few more days until Christmas to gift for.

Square Enix has had a pretty productive year. While ongoing teases for Kingdom Hearts 3 continue to crush collective souls everywhere, the company has at least supplemented fans with some really incredible games. Final Fantasy XV delivered an emotionally impactful story and put a spin on traditional Final Fantasy mechanics in the best ways. The Day One Edition is currently available for half off, and anyone who decides to go for the bonus episodes afterward won't be let down (though you might cry, especially after Prompto's episode).

For anyone actually looking to catch up on Kingdom Hearts before the 'third' installment hits (it's more like the 6th), you may want to pick up Kingdom Hearts 2.8 -- the game's additional scenes and content lead directly into the events of the next game, and it's a good refresher, especially at 38% off its retail price.

Speaking of games from the early 00's, Final Fantasy X and X-2 are also on sale at a massive discount, along with the original NieR and what seems to be the entire Deus Ex series. There's even a long line of Dragon Quest games available for anyone who doesn't feel that the Simple and Clean era is old school enough for their tastes.

Overall, the sale is packed with games that serve as a great introduction into the company's major franchises, or for long time fans, good refreshers for stories that are set to release in 2018.