Star Trek: GOG Reviving 8 Classic Games for Star Trek Day

Today is Star Trek Day, and gamers have cause to celebrate. is teaming up with Activision to update eight classic Star Trek video games for functionality on Windows 10, with six of those games available to purchase and play today. The games include franchise offerings in a variety of genres. Star Trek: Voyager -- Elite Force and Star Trek: Elite Force II are first-person shooters. Star Trek: Hidden Evil is an adventure game. Star Trek: Starfleet Command III is a simulation game with RPG aspects and a customizable starship. Star Trek: Bridge Command is another sim, but this one puts you in the captain's chair. Star Trek: Away Team is an X-Com-style isometric, turn-based strategy game.

For those who prefer their strategy games to be in real-time, two more games are on the way. Star Trek: Armada and Star Trek: Armada II will soon bring RTS gameplay back to the Star Trek universe and are available to wishlist on now.

Those six games are available to play now via Here are the synopses:

  • Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force – One blast from destruction, the U.S.S. Voyager is mysteriously transported into a hull space infested with danger. As part of Voyager's elite Hazard Team, you must defend it from a host of scavenging aliens, then infiltrate a Borg Cube and derelict vessels to eradicate your deadly foes. The Quake III Arena™ engine powers the dynamic gameplay as you fight for survival through 40 ultra-intense single-player missions and 16 multiplayer arenas. It's first-person shooter action that won't quit. But, be prepared-if Voyager is destroyed, humanity won't be far behind...
  • Star Trek: Elite Force II – The alien invaders show no mercy, and neither should you. Hack, blast and vaporize your way into the heart of galactic evil with devastating firepower. Battle through the ravaged hulk of a massive starship, protect an alien colony under siege, face the unknown on a treacherous volcanic planetoid and assault a host of insidious alien strongholds. Where diplomacy fails, the Hazard Team thrives.
  • Star Trek: Hidden Evil – Prepare to engage… the hidden evil. Plunged into the wake of the events following Star Trek: Insurrection, you find yourself embroiled in an enemy plot to harness the incredibly destructive powers of a coveted genetic seed. You must engage alien forces and outwit your adversaries in a series of challenging missions...or else the Federation will fall victim to its ruthless archenemy.
  • Star Trek: Away Team – Sensitive situations call for discreet operations. Deadlocked in a desperate war, the Federation creates a covert team of specialists trained to eliminate problems Starfleet can't officially touch. Their identity is undocumented; their purpose is essential. Beneath a veil of secrecy, your team await its orders… Medical, Engineering, Security, Science and Command experts form your Away Team accordingly to your specific mission objectives. Complex alien surroundings are the setting for your stealth missions, including Romulan outposts, Borg cubes, and unpredictable foreign landscapes.
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command III – Sometimes, the only way to restore peace is to wage war. The alliance between the Klingons and the United Federation of Planets has never been stronger. Together, they begin construction of a starbase with the ability to detect cloaked ships in the neutral zone. The only things standing in their way: the Romulans. Play three sides of an epic conflict for control of the galaxy. Although the challenges are many, the goal is one - command your starship to victory for your empire.
  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander – Command from the captain's chair, interacting with your 3-D crew and overseeing the bridge from a first-person perspective. Prepare to face the consequences of your decisions as you issue orders affecting the course of the game.

Which classic Star Trek game are you downloading first? Let us know in the comments.