Star Wars: 1313 Boba Fett Gameplay Spotted Online

Some new Star Wars: 1313 gameplay has leaked online, featuring Boba Fett. Star Wars: 1313 was an action-adventure game in development at LucasArts that was set to provide a mature and gritty tale following Boba Fett in his early adulthood, working in an underground region of Coruscant known as Level 1313. The game was revealed back at E3 2012, and then canceled a year later in 2013. At the time, there was a suggestion the cancellation could be temporary rather than permanent, but obviously, there was nothing to this suggestion.

As for the new gameplay, it has surfaced online via YouTube channel "The Vault." It's currently unclear if this is the original source. In other words, the origins of the footage is unclear. If the YouTube channel in question is the source, it's also not obvious how they would have obtained the footage, which is lengthy and seemingly for internal viewing.

Below, you can check out the footage for yourself:

For now, take this footage with a grain of salt. If it's fake, it's a very, very impressive fake. That said, the Internet has produced some impressive fake leaks in the past. 

At the moment of publishing, not a single implicated party has commented on this leak, and considering the footage is almost 24 hours old at this point, it's unlikely this will change. If it does though, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. 

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