'Star Wars Battlefront II': Harness Your Inner Dark Side As Count Dooku With New Update

Another free update has just gone live for Star Wars Battlefront II players and this time, a new villain has been brought to the table. Sith connoisseur Count Dooku has officially joined the ranks, letting players hunt for Jedi as the iconic baddie from the films.

In addition to the new villain, the team over at DICE has revealed a few other changes as well including new game modes for Geonosis and more. But first, let's get back to Dooku. "A master duelist, Count Dooku excels at close combat with a lightsaber and can deflect lightsabers easier than other lightsaber heroes," said DICE in a new Community Transmission.

"While his skills with a lightsaber are to be feared, opponents will also be wise to avoid his Lightning Stun ability, where he can quickly unleash a blast of lightning. Opponents caught in the blast radius will be thrown to the ground."

He's got some pretty rad abilities as well, for those looking to hone in on their dark side:

  • Lightening Stun
    • Dooku unleashes a very quick lightning stun that throws all nearby opponents to the ground. The damage is reduced for each extra target, up to a maximum of 5 targets.
  • Expose Weakness
    • This ability targets a single opponent and causes them to become affected by a number of detrimental effects. Anyone targeted by Expose Weakness will have their movement slowed down, will receive increased damage from all attacks, and they will become highlighted for Dooku throughout the duration of the ability. Should the target be defeated by one of Dooku’s attacks while Expose Weakness is active, the cooldown is instantly refreshed.
  • Duelist
    • This ability begins by Dooku raising his lightsaber up to his face and then down to his side, readying himself for combat. Once activated, Duelist will improve his lightsaber attack speed and damage for a short time. While active, Dooku will change his attack sequence, now duelling with one hand behind his back.
  • Dodge
    • His dodge is also on a shorter cooldown than others and with more charges available, making him a formidable foe for anyone that goes up against him in close quarters combat.

Geonosis will also be rolling out a few changes as well, "Geonosis will be coming to Heroes vs Villains and Blast where you’ll be able to experience the Geonosian canyons on a smaller scale. The planet will also be available within Custom Arcade, making it the perfect opportunity to get some practice before jumping into Galactic Assault."

To see everything new, including hero tweaks and bug fixes, you can check out the full patch notes right here.

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