Fantasy Flight Announces End of Star Wars: Destiny

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they're ending production of Star Wars: Destiny, a trading card game involving dice. Earlier today, Fantasy Flight announced that next week's "Covert Missions" expansion of Star Wars: Destiny would be the last expansion for the game and that no further product would be announced. Additionally, Star Wars: Destiny's Organized Play is also coming to an end, with the final World Championship taking place from May 1-3 at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Minnesota.


Star Wars: Destiny was a unique collectible dice and card game that came with booster packs filled with cards and corresponding dice. Players formed small teams of iconic Star Wars characters and then pit them in head-to-head battles. Each character and item has its own dice that provided players with more options on their turn. The game was a hot-seller when it was first released in late 2016 and maintained a steady fanbase over the last three years. It was also one of the few Fantasy Flight-created Star Wars games that featured content from the most recent trilogy of movies.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise, considering that Fantasy Flight was already working on a tenth expansion, which will be released to players as part of a special tournament that local retailers can run. No reason was given for the decision to end Star Wars: Destiny, although we'll note that it came with extra costs related to dice production that Fantasy Flight's other card games don't have. The news also comes following a series of layoffs at Fantasy Flight that impacted the company's tabletop RPG line and customer service line.

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