Star Wars: Squadrons Officially Revealed by Electronic Arts

Star Wars: Squadrons is real, Electronic Arts has confirmed, and we’ll be getting a full reveal of the game sooner than expect. Electronic Arts shared the first official artwork for the game on social media after an accidental leak via the Xbox site first spoiled the reveal of the game. Now that the game is out there, we can expect to hear more about it on June 15th when the reveal trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons is released. After that, we’ll likely see even more on the game during Electronic Arts’ big EA Play event that takes place later in the week.

Judging from the name of the game, the artwork, and some details from insiders, it appeared Star Wars: Squadrons would have a heavy focus on air and space combat utilizing the iconic spacecrafts from throughout the Star Wars universe. The official artwork and the wording of the post on social media reinforced this idea by saying “Pilots Wanted.”

Artwork and limited official details aside, we can expect to hear more on the game on Monday. Electronic Arts has declared June 15th at 8 a.m. PT as the time for when the game’s full reveal will take place. A placeholder has already been set up on YouTube to countdown the moments until the trailer’s premiere when we’ll catch our first full look at Star Wars: Squadrons.

Beyond the reveal trailer, Star Wars fans have EA Play to look forward to. That annual Electronic Arts event was originally supposed to happen on June 11th but has since been pushed back to June 18th. If we’re seeing a reveal trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons on Monday, it makes sense that we’d see more on the game during the EA Play event.


Seeing some sort of Star Wars game was an expectation for EA Play seeing how Electronic Arts is still the sole owner of the rights for the games and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order performed so well, but it’s still unknown what Star Wars game, or games, we’ll see. Squadrons seems likely now, but there’s also been talks of a sequel to Fallen Order after the game was called “first title in an entirely new franchise.” It might be a bit early for something like that, but Electronic Arts still has its Battlefront franchise to fall back on as well.

Star Wars: Squadrons will reportedly release for consoles and PC sometime in Fall 2020.