Starfield Reveals Mysterious New Cavern Environment

Bethesda Game Studios has revealed a new environment that players will be able to travel to within Starfield when the game releases later next year. Over the course of the past few months, Bethesda has slowly been talking and showing off new glimpses of what Starfield will have in store. And while we still have yet to actually see gameplay footage from the title, this new tease of the game's expansive universe should hold fans over for the time being. 

Revealed via the official Starfield Twitter account, Bethesda highlighted a new cavern location that players should be able to venture through in the full game. This locale wasn't shown off via in-game footage, but was instead highlighted via a piece of concept art. The art itself sees a lone figure (assumedly the player-character) standing in the middle of a cave while staring forward at a light that is seen in the back of the cave. "What wonders will you uncover in distant caves?" said the caption of the post alongside the image. 

While it's cool to see Bethesda continuing to highlight new environments like this for Starfield, as mentioned, the thing that many fans are wanting to see of the game deals with actual gameplay footage. And even though Bethesda hasn't committed to when it will be showing off gameplay, the company has definitely been dropping some teases in recent weeks. In all likelihood, we should start to see a lot more of Starfield as next year continues onward, with a big reveal event likely planned for E3 2022. 

The one thing we know with certainty about Starfield right now is when it will actually be releasing. Bethesda has already confirmed that the title will launch later next year on November 11, 2022. And when it does arrive, it will be released exclusively for Xbox Series X and PC platforms. 

Are you excited to check out Starfield for yourself next year? And does this new piece of concept art do anything to excite you that much more for the game? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.