Steam Deck Is Now Way Easier to Purchase

Valve has offered a major update for the availability of the Steam Deck and one of its most sought after accessories. Earlier this year, Valve decided to take another crack at a piece of gaming hardware with Steam Deck. The company has tried to move outside of its software roots for quite some time, attempting to make things like a PC/console hybrid of sorts with the Steam Machine, but it backfired and flopped very hard. It had more success with VR, but Valve's headset is incredibly expensive and has made it less appealing than some of its competitors. Now, enter the Steam Deck, a Nintendo Switch-esque device that is incredibly powerful and can run some of the best PC games out there such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Marvel's Spider-Man.

However, a powerful, portable gaming device was in high demand when it released. Throughout 2022, Valve worked out various kinks with the device and increased production to try and match demand. For many, it would take months to actually get their reservation fulfilled, but it seems like things are turning around. Valve confirmed today that there is no reservation needed for the Steam Deck now and people can just buy them, meaning you don't have to queue up for one like before. Valve also confirmed that people can buy the Steam Deck Dock, which allows you to connect the Deck to other devices and easily use it on TVs, monitors, and other screens. All in all, it seems like the Steam Deck is really finding its groove now.

Valve has already confirmed that it has plans to make the Steam Deck a multi-generational device, so you can expect further iterations in the future. It's unclear if this will be a yearly refresh like an iPhone or be spaced out over several years to allow room to drastically improve the device. Either way, the Steam Deck is clearly here to stay.


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