Get This Free Steam Game Before It Disappears Forever

A new Steam game is 100 percent free, courtesy of Sega, but only for a limited time. Back in October, in celebration of its 60-year anniversary, Sega released three games on Steam for free, but only for a very limited window. The three games ranged from small to inconsequential, however, one was apparently popular enough to return, though once again it will be for an ultra-limited time. More specifically, Streets Of Kamurocho is back, and it's 100 percent free until November 16.

Once downloaded, the game is yours to keep forever. However, come November 16, it will be removed from Steam completely. According to developer RGG Studio and publisher Sega, the game is back after being previously removed due to demand. The pair don't note one way or another if this will be the last opportunity to download the game.

As for the game itself, it's described as a mash-up between Streets of Rage 2 and the Yakuza series. More specifically, it's a classic Streets of Rage game with Yakuza characters. In it, you play as series characters Kiryu and Majima as you brawl your way through Kamurocho.

"The death of the Tojo Clan’s Third Chairman has plunged the organization into chaos," reads an official pitch of the game. "The violence spreads to the streets, and only Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima can put an end to the bloodshed!"


At the moment, this the only free Sega 60-Year Anniversary game that has returned, and it looks like it's the only one being brought back, at least for now.

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