Updated Steam Feature Makings It Easier to Find New Games

Steam has a feature that's around eight years old now called the "Steam Discovery Queue," and even if you don't know it by name, you've most likely used it at least once or twice when looking for something new to play. It's a feature which has led to "a combined total of 18 billion game store pages," Valve said in its latest discussion about the Steam Discovery Queue, and this week, it's been updated to make the process of finding a new game even easier.

The updated Steam Discovery Queue was addressed in the latest Steam Labs post on the platform's site with Valve outlining a couple of key ways that the Steam Discovery Queue is changing. This new version of the feature is being launched within Steam Labs to garner feedback from users as to how it looks and feels compared to the old version, but you can easily see it for yourself without any fuss by logging in here and selecting the "Open The New Discovery Queue" prompt to view it without having to open up Steam proper.

When pulling up the new Steam Discovery Queue, it'll show games you might like based on what some of your friends are playing as well as the other titles and genres you may have shown interest in. You can head to the store page or wishlist it right then, and perhaps best of all, the new version of the Steam Discovery Queue can be accessed without leaving whatever page you're on at the time.

Valve highlighted that change and more in a rundown of what's new about the feature:

Steam Discovery Queue Updates

  • Launch into the queue without leaving the page you are on
  • Simplified presentation of key details about each game to give you a taste of what that game is about
  • See why each game is being recommended specifically to you; maybe it's because you have friends who play it, or it's similar to other games you play, for example
  • Add a game to your wishlist with the click of a button or view the game's full store page for a more in-depth view
  • Ignore games that just aren't your jam. We'll make sure to hide them in the future.

Those are all the changes implemented for now, but in the future, Valve said it plans to do things like make it so that the updated queue will be on the Steam homepage and can be launched from any store page. It'll also be optimized for different screen sizes as well as on the Steam Deck.