Top-Selling Steam Game Loses #1 Spot to New Release

The Steam charts cataloguing the marketplace's bestsellers have been interesting recently with the top spots being a mix of new, old, and upcoming releases, but this week, we have a new contender who's taken the No. 1 spot. That game is Cult of the Lamb, the new game from Massive Monster and Devolver Digital that's part roguelike and part cult-management game. It took the spot from Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered which will soon be coming to the PC platform, though it's likely we'll see a changeup in these rankings once more after that game is released.

For those who might've missed the rankings earlier in the week, Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered previously held the top spot in the rankings of Steam's bestsellers. Considering how that game won't be out until Friday, that was a fair achievement on its own since that meant more people were pre-purchasing that game than those who were buying games that were already out like Stray and Cyberpunk 2077.

But perhaps more impressive than that is the popularity of Cult of the Lamb, a game which was certainly garnering a cult following of its own prior to release but was still one that many people may not have known as much about compared to something like Marvel's Spider-Man. For those who may not have been in as in the know, reviews that dropped for the game this week might've also swayed some opinions. It's currently sitting a respectable 82 on Metacritic with our own review giving it a perfect score and praising its strong points and applications of both the roguelike and management sim genres. It helps too that the game launched on a Thursday which isn't unheard of but certainly helps avoid the big release planned for Tuesdays and Fridays like the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered.

Of course, we'll probably see Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered return to its top spot soon enough. The PC version of that game is just as (if not more) impressive as the PlayStation version so long as you've got the right setup to make the most of it, and whether it's because people want to revisit it or have been waiting for this release since it first launched years ago, it wouldn't be surprising to see Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered reclaim its top spot until the next big release comes along. Both games are compatible with the Steam Deck, so you at least won't have to make compromises there if you plan on playing them that way.

Cult of the Lamb is out now, and Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered will come to the PC platform on August 12th.