Steam Sale Alert: Street Fighter V & More For Up To 60% Off

(Photo: Capcom)

A new sale on Steam offers new PC players a shot at the entire Street Fighter franchise for an extremely low set of discounts. While the entire franchise isn't quite literally included, a couple of major staples from throughout the history of Capcom's popular fighting game are. The sale also includes costume packs for popular characters, and DLC downloads to improve your gameplay online.

Street Fighter V tops the sale at only $15.99, which is 60% off of its usual price on Steam. While it's not listed on the sale page, the game's Deluxe Edition is also on sale at 59% off, and it features a ton of extras for the fifth major installment of the franchise. This includes two DLC costume packs for the game sot hat you can change of the look of your favorite main to stand out when you go online.

The sale also includes Marvel VS. Capcom: Infinite and Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3, which pits some of Capcom's most popular characters against the heroes and villains of your favorite Marvel comic book titles. If that's not enough crossover for you, 2012's Street Fighter VS. Tekken is also available for 80% off, at only $5.99.

Other Street Fighter titles available on sale right now include Ultra Street Fighter IV, which is 75% off.


Finally, if you love Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition on the PC, a super-discounted costume pack is available to spruce up your roster this coming year for 75% off. This bundle is kind of a steal because it includes eight costume packs that each contain costumes for different groups of characters. It includes the Arcade Challengers Pack, Complete Brawler Pack, Complete Challengers 1 Pack, Complete Challengers 2 Pack, Complete Classic Pack, Complete Femme Fatale Pack, Complete Shadoloo Pack, and the Complete Shoryuken Pack.

Street Fighter V is out now for PlayStation 4 and PC.