Steam's Dates for Its Next Big Sales Have Leaked

Anyone who’s planning on purchasing a game through Steam soon that you’ve been holding off on may want to consider waiting a bit longer until the next big sale takes place. Those sales typically go live during seasonal occasions like fall and winter, but they just as frequently also have their sales dates leaked as well to give Steam shoppers an idea of when the sales will take place. According to one of those latest leaks, the next sale will take place starting on October 28th.

The Steam Database Twitter account that keeps up with Steam’s ongoings and innerworkings is responsible for sharing the latest information about the leaked sales dates. Steam Database shared the tweet below that pegged October 28th as the start date for the Halloween sale. It’ll last for a few days until it ends on November 1st with the sale scheduled after that happening later in the month.

A final sale will take place at the end of the year and into the next to give everyone a chance to get their games at some steep discounts during the holidays.

Though Valve doesn’t officially reveal Steam’s dates for its sales this far in advance, it’s pretty much become the standard procedure to have these sorts of things leak. People typically end up finding out when these kinds of sales will go live even if you don’t know what’ll be in them. Some of the usual suspects can be counted on though like horror games for the Halloween sale, and The Witcher 3 will inevitably pop up somewhere again.


What’ll be interesting to see around these times is how the Epic Games Store handles its seasonal sales in competition with Steam. The Epic Games Store launched in December of last year which means it didn’t have the chance to have some of these sales and didn’t have a large enough library to have a substantial winter sale. Whether it’ll have one around the same dates as the ones above though remains to be seen.

Steam also just overhauled its library system not long ago, so you’ll have a new place to house all the games you buy during the sale. The plans for the updated Steam Library include better visibility for what games need updating and what’s included in those updates as well as better social features.