This Tool Calculates Every Dollar You've Ever Spent on Steam, Prepare to be Horrified


A new tool let's you see exactly how much money you've spent on Steam games over the years. Not scary at all. You don't have a spending problem, right? And you're certainly not addicted to video games. The World Health Organization just classified "Gaming Disorder" as a serious mental health condition, but that has nothing to do with you, or with us, right? Time to prove it!

If you click on this link (thanks PC Gamer), you'll be taken to a sign-in page. Don't worry, this is totally safe. Once you log in there, you'll be taken to a screen that shows you how much you've spend on Steam over the years. Key renewals for games you got from sites like CD Keys, or Humble Bundle, will not show up here. This is used strictly for calculating the money you've spent through the Steam Store itself, or else by filling your Steam wallet.

How does yours look? Do you have over a decade of expenses towering thousands of dollars high, or are you a console gamer with $62 spent on Steam for that one AAA game that your computer couldn't actually run? I suspect that many of you fall somewhere in the middle. I myself got a pretty modest return. Here's what my spending looks like:


Over the past eight years, I've spent about $250 on games on Steam. I was pleasantly surprised! If you saw my Steam library you'd swear I had hit at least $1,000, but almost all of my games are purchased during Steam sales, and a huge chunk of my library are new arrivals that came in the form of Humble Bundle keys and review copies. Admittedly, I also do most of my gaming on consoles.

Not all of my peers have been so frugal. A quick perusal through this ResetEra thread will reveal that users spending thousands of dollars are not uncommon. When you consider that many people have been buying games on Steam for over a decade, and many of those people are PC gamers primarily, it makes sense. A few hundred dollars every year on new games will add up, and boy does it add up.


So what does your ledger look like? How much money have you spend on Steam? Join the conversation below and own up to your spending in the comments section! Let's see if we have any big spenders among us.