Strange Brigade Launch Trailer Reveals a New Character

Strange Brigade’s launch trailer is now out with the latest video previewing a new character [...]

Strange Brigade's launch trailer is now out with the latest video previewing a new character that's free for all players at launch.

Winston Bey is the new character that's being added, the fifth character to join the Strange Brigade team. He was revealed at the end of the trailer with a message that said he'd only be available for a limited time as an optional download, but adding him to your team won't cost anything since he's a free DLC. The trailer also shows off various levels in Strange Brigade and the mummified enemies that players will encounter.

While his kit wasn't featured in the trailer aside from a quick gameplay scene towards the end, a post on the Strange Brigade site revealed what weapons and amulet be brings to the fight as well as the character-specific abilities that he boasts. It also gave some background on the character, something that every Strange Brigade character has gotten thus far.

"Explorer, prospector, journalist, spy, diplomat, gentleman, traveller - Winston Bey's adventures have taken him all over the world," the character background explained. "His first real encounter with the supernatural was in India, where he took part in the hunt for a shape-shifting Rakshasa demon, but he didn't meet the Brigade until central Australia, where he teamed up with them to survive the horrors awaiting for them in an underground city! An adept addition to the team, his extensive travels have blessed him with a tough constitution befitting his mileage, as well as a wider soul gather radius."

His full kit was also detailed on the site with the info found below that explains what his default amulet does and how players can use his abilities to benefit the Brigade.


  • Primary: Kingsley Special repeater
  • Secondary: Marley .45 Automatic
  • Item: Molotov Cocktail


  • Piercing Pestilence: Pierce multiple enemies and ravish their already decayed forms further with the poisonous powers of the ancient plagues!


  • Tough Hide: Winston's overall health is increased.
  • Powerful Soul Aura: Able to attract souls at a greater distance.

To get Winston Bey, all players have to do is download him from whatever platform store they're using after the game launches. He's only available for a limited time though with the offer lasting 30 days before the option to download him is removed, so those who either preorder the game or purchase it within that timeframe will have to download him before the offer ends.

Strange Brigade is scheduled to launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 28.