New Stranger Things Game Coming in 2020

There’s a new Stranger Things game that’s in the works and is planned for a release on mobile [...]

There's a new Stranger Things game that's in the works and is planned for a release on mobile devices in 2020, Netflix's head of interactive games said. Christopher Lee was one of several panelists who took part in an event held within the E3 Coliseum to discuss Netflix's involvement in games whether that involvement is games based on Netflix properties or those shows making appearances in other companies' games. After talking about the projects that fans were already aware of, Lee revealed the plans for a new Stranger Things game.

Lee revealed the news of the game towards the end of the panel. A slide appeared on the screen above the panelists to show off some artwork for the game along with a description of what it'll be like, and Lee's own comments offered more info.

"We are launching a new Stranger Things game on mobile platforms coming in 2020," Lee said.

He described the game as an RPG-puzzle hybrid that utilizes location-based technology, which means that you'll be able to fight the Upside Down wherever you are. It sounds like it'll incorporate the same type of technology that Pokemon Go players have been getting used to and that Minecraft Earth players will later experience, though how that'll work in the game is still unknown.

Lee also brought attention to the retro, "Saturday morning cartoon" art style that the game uses which can be seen in the preview below that was shared by the NX Twitter account. He said that he can't wait to share more with fans but that that's all they're permitted to say at this time.

Next Games, the company Netflix is working with to develop this new Stranger Things title, is known for creating games like The Walking Dead: Our World and The Walking Dead: No Man's Land.

The new mobile Stranger Things game from Netflix and Next Games won't be releasing until 2020, but you won't have to wait that long to see more Stranger Things. Netflix's hit show is scheduled to return on July 4th for its third season.