Street Fighter 5 "Definitive Update" Teases New Features, Balance Changes

Street Fighter VI is on the way, but Capcom isn't done with Street Fighter V just yet. The developers announced this week plans to release a "Definitive Update" for the fighting game, a name which sure makes it sound like this will be one of the last – if not the last overall – big updates the game will get. Some of the plans for that update have already been teased with a new trailer showing off balance adjustments, added features, and other areas of interest alongside a March release date for the Definitive Update.

That trailer can be seen below for a look at some of the fighters who'll be receiving balance adjustments when this next update drops on March 29th. Close to a minute and a half of the trailer was dedicated solely to teasing these balance changes, so it looks like we'll see quite a few of them included in the update later this month. Patch notes have not yet been provided, however, so we don't know for sure to what degree some of these fighters will be altered.

Elsewhere in the trailer, we get much more precise looks at some of the features planned. For those who remember older Street Fighter games fondly and want to capture some of their more classic looks, you'll be able to turn on either the cel shading filter or the pixel filter. The downside to these features is that they can only be used in offline mode, so if you're one of the many Street Fighter players who prefers to test your skill against others online, you'll have to do so without any fancy effects. It's most likely handled that way to ensure attacks and abilities are uniformly readable without having to worry about the filters causing problems in that area, but it's too bad regardless.

In addition to the filters and the balance changes, players will also get new tracksuit colors as well as remixes of different fighters' themes. There's a decent chance we'll see more included in the update outside of what's been showcased in this trailer, too, but we won't know for sure until the full patch notes drop later this month.

Street Fighter V's Definitive Update will arrive for all platforms on March 29th.