'Street Fighter V' Is Getting In-Game Ads That Reward Players for Keeping Them On

Ads are coming to Street Fighter V, and while they can be turned off, players who skip them will [...]

Street Fighter V Ads
(Photo: Capcom)

Ads are coming to Street Fighter V, and while they can be turned off, players who skip them will miss out on some incentives.

Capcom said late last week that the ads referred to as "Sponsored Content" will be added to Street Fighter V on Tuesday. Players will see ads pertaining to events like the Capcom Pro Tour, but there will also be ads for different costumes and bundles, two of the DLC options players have in the fighting game.

The ads will be on be default, and if you keep them on, you'll earn bonus Fight Money. Turn them off and you won't see them anymore, but you also won't get anything extra.

"Sponsored Content will be introduced into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on December 11," Capcom said. "Sponsored content will be displayed in several locations in-game to remind you about costumes, bundles, and the Capcom Pro Tour. When Sponsored Content is enabled, players can obtain additional Fight Money in Ranked and Casual Matches - these bonuses come with an upper limit."

If the ads are enabled, there will be several places where players will see them in their game. Each character will have an "Ad Style" costume that shows sponsored content somewhere on their attire, the image above giving one example of that where both Ryu and Balrog have gear advertising the Capcom Pro Tour. Stages will also have sponsors in various spots, and players will even see sponsored content within the loading screens right before a battle. Capcom said that these extra ads on the loading screens won't impact the time it takes to get into a game though.

For anyone who's not a fan of the idea and doesn't mind missing out on that bonus Fight Money to avoid having to look at ads, Capcom is implementing a way to turn them off. By going into the Battle Settings, there will be several options related to the ads. Inside a new Sponsored Content Settings menu, players can disable the Ad Style costumes that show sponsored content and can also turn off the ads that appear on the game's fighting stages and loading screens.

Capcom's full post about the Street Fighter V sponsored content and in-game ads can be seen here. It also contains more information on a free trial for the game that begins on December 11th, the same day when the sponsored content will start appearing in players' games.