Don't Expect Street Fighter VI Anytime Soon

street fighter
(Photo: Capcom)

Don't expect Street Fighter VI to be announced anytime soon, or at least that's what a new comment from series and Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono seems to suggest. Recently, rumblings of a new entry in the long-running and classic fighting game series began to make noise when EVO revealed a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment for EVO 2019, which would notably see the latter share some news at the one of the industry's biggest events and stages.

When the announcement was made earlier this week, many began to speculate that we'll either see a Street Fighter VI announcement at the show, or possibly an announcement of PlayStation All-Stars 2. That said, while the latter is still on the table, the former doesn't appear to be.

As mentioned above, after hearing these rumbling himself, Yoshinori Ono took to Twitter to say Capcom is still focused on Street Fighter V, which suggests some news regarding it during the show rather than anything about Street Fighter VI.

It almost sounds like Capcom isn't even working on Street Fighter VI, which will be music to the ears of players really enjoying Street Fighter V, but will be a difficult one to swallow for those looking for a new installment.


As you may know, Street Fighter V had a really rocky launch, and has struggled with net code issues since. It has its players, but it never really built a ton of momentum. Street Fighter used to be the premier fighting game, and it still is among hardcore fighting game fans. But in terms of popularity, the difference between it and some other fighting games -- such as Mortal Kombat -- is only growing. That said, it doesn't look like this will be changing anytime soon.