Subnautica: Below Zero Release Date Announced

Subnautica: Below Zero has been available in early access for some time now, but the Subnautica sequel finally has an official release date to look forward to. The game from Unknown Worlds Entertainment will fully exit early access and launch on May 14th, and when it does, it’ll be available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam.

The Subnautica sequel that’s been playable through early access takes place a year after the events of the first game and once again finds players on the ocean planet known simply as 4546B. Those familiar with the first game will find themselves once again crafting tools and performing other survival-based actions to assist in their explorations while they see what waits for them beneath the waters.

The trailer above was released on Thursday by Bandai Namco alongside the game’s release date announcement. Unknown Worlds said it’s working with Bandai Namco to provide physical editions of the game to certain regions including the Americas. Regardless of if you’re getting the physical or digital edition, the game will be priced at $29.99 when it’s available in May. Since this is the first time that a game in the series will be available on the Nintendo Switch, a bundle for that platform is being offered that comes with both Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero for $59.99.

“Dive into a freezing underwater adventure on an alien planet,” a preview of Subnautica: Below Zero said. “Set one year after the original Subnautica, Below Zero challenges you to survive a disaster at an alien research station on Planet 4546B. Craft tools, scavenge for supplies, and unravel the next chapter in the Subnautica story.”


While the actions players undertake in Below Zero may familiar to Subnautica players, it’s got some new surprises in store through additional b iomes filled with all sorts of different lifeforms. The developer also said the game “extends the story of the Subnautica universe” and further explores the mysteries set up in the first game, so if you’ve got some theories you want to explore more, Subnautica: Below Zero seems like the place to do it.

Subnautica: Below Zero is scheduled to release on May 14th.