Super Mario Odyssey’s Honest Game Trailer Isn’t Half Bad

There’s no question that Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games this year – if not the [...]

There's no question that Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games this year – if not the best – so when we heard that the team at Smosh Games produced a new Honest Game Trailer for it, we couldn't help but wonder. They're not going to be too brutal against it, are they?

And it turns out, nope, they weren't. While the narrator does take the time to point out certain things about the game (like Mario's infamous nipples), for the most part, it's a pretty praising Honest Game Trailer, filled with a lot of interesting info.

"In a world that's been devoid of true 3D Mario games for far too long, prepare your body for a torpedo of weapons-grade platforming, designed to seek out your happiness gland and juice that sucker until it's dry," the narrator reads.

He also points out the creative Mario world design, and discovering a gameplay experience "that feels like a direct sequel to Mario 64 – if they stuffed every level with like 70 more stars." There are also notes about the side levels and charm with the game's design. It's "so good, it might convince the most hardened console war veterans to buy a Switch – even if they're still trying to shoehorn in motion controls. Hey, it wouldn't be a Nintendo game without at least one insane design choice."

He also refers to Bowser as the "world's kid-friendliest kidnapper", though he tries to force Princess Peach in a forced marriage, tied in with "collecting a bunch of tacky bull**** across the globe for the wedding."

There are other notes as well, including picking on those who couldn't help but point out Mario's nipples, with people "perving" all day. "Is a man not entitled to expose his pepperonis without judgment? Shame on you, Internet."

It's a fun trailer, and one that doesn't nearly dig in to its content like the Crash Bandicoot one did. You can watch it above, and then get back to doing what really counts – playing Super Mario Odyssey and finding all the Moons.

Super Mario Odyssey is available now for Nintendo Switch.