'Super Mario Party's River Survival Mode Revealed

The Super Mario Party franchise has been around for a long time and with each entry, there's [...]

The Super Mario Party franchise has been around for a long time and with each entry, there's something new to enjoy. Whether it's new mini-games or new settings entirely, this series is highly beloved by Nintendo fans, which makes the recent reveal of the new River Survival Mode that much more exciting.

The River Survival mode is a four-player co-op experience that will see players rafting down a seemingly calm stream while having to avoid obstacles and complete mini-games at the same time. The real-time gameplay footage above shows off the general environment that players will find themselves in and what sort of mini-games lie await.

River Survival looks like so much fun and it's the perfect blend of new and familiar for the upcoming game that releases this March. It's charming, player-friendly, and promotes the good 'ol fashioned couch co-op experience that the Mario Party franchise is known for. Pair that with the power of the Joy-Con, and this is going to be must-have title for any Switch owner — no matter their age.

Super Mario Party arrives exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on October 5th. To learn more about the game itself:

"The Mario Party series is coming to the Nintendo Switch system with super-charged fun for everyone! The original board game style has been kicked up a notch with deeper strategic elements, like specific Dice Blocks for each character. The game also introduces all-new ways to play, including Joy-Con controller enabled minigames, and new modes to enjoy with family and friends. Board game play goes back to the four-player basics as you take turns and race across the board searching for Stars. You can also pair up two Nintendo Switch systems and delight in this dynamic play style, such as in the new Toad's Rec Room mode. With new modes and new minigames coupled with original board game play, the party starts anywhere, anytime, and with all kinds of players."

  • Mario Party: Enjoy the original Mario Party board game experience with new element like character dice blocks, a party system, and new boards to explore
  • Toad's Rec Room: A dynamic new play style that pairs up two Nintendo Switch systems for Table top mode
  • Go head-to-head in 80 new minigames with many ways to play: Fast and fun skill-based mini-games that use the Joy-Con controllers in all sorts of different ways