Super Mario World Fan Project Makes the Nintendo Classic Playable in Widescreen

Since launching with the Super Nintendo back in 1990, Super Mario World has remained an [...]

Since launching with the Super Nintendo back in 1990, Super Mario World has remained an indisputable classic. Unfortunately, the game does not officially support widescreen TVs and monitors. SNES ROM hacker Vitor Vilela has offered fans a solution, with a download that presents the game in glorious 16:9 resolution. The download was made available on GitHub, but those interested will have to find methods of playing Super Mario World that will be compatible. Vilela is planning to add support for additional aspect ratios in the future. It's important to note that this is not an officially licensed patch from Nintendo.

Vilela's Tweet announcing the mod can be found embedded below.

Vilela has offered a number of patches and improvements for classic SNES games, including Gradius III. On Twitter, Vilela addressed the possibility of Nintendo shutting down the patch. This update does not use any of the company's code, so it should theoretically be safe from a legal standpoint. However, Vilela has stated that if Nintendo does shut it down, they have no intention of contesting it, as they don't have any desire to get into a court battle. Hopefully, the mod will remain available for those interested in using it.

For those that have never played Super Mario World, it truly is one of the best games of all-time. The fourth of Mario's 2D outings, Super Mario World used the SNES hardware to offer a more fleshed-out world than the NES hardware was capable of. The game introduced the world to Yoshi, as well as a number of new enemies that went on to become fan favorites. The idea of playing the game in a widescreen format certainly sounds like an exciting one, and it could the best way for newcomers to learn all that Super Mario World has to offer.

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