Super Meat Boy’s Launch Trailer Is Totally Out Of The 90’s

Everything’s coming up aces for Team Meat and Super Meat Boy in 2018. The game recently debuted [...]

Super Meat Boy 90's

Everything's coming up aces for Team Meat and Super Meat Boy in 2018. The game recently debuted on Nintendo Switch and has been killing it in sales, with the Switch version even managing to outperform the Xbox 360 edition – where the game first debuted console-wise. (And this doesn't even count the forthcoming Super Meat Boy Forever.) But now, a new commercial has appeared, and it shows just how crazy – and hilarious – Team Meat can be with a launch trailer.

Instead of just featuring gameplay and a logo like most launch trailers do, the team decided to put together a sizzle reel similar to 90's home shopping channels, featuring a Nintendo Switch with the game running, and an enthusiastic host that will stop at nothing to get the game sold.

There's plenty of nuances from the 90's here, including spelling the product wrong on the channel (it's Super Meat Man for some reason), as well as an 800 phone number (probably doesn't work, but you never know), along with static-filled video footage of Super Meat Boy running on the Switch.

As the host goes on, you can hear some of the tropes that came out of the 90's shopping channels, including the lowering of price to get viewers interested. "We can bring it out right now, $59.99, it'd be worth every penny," the host teases. "$29.99, worth every penny, no, not gonna do it. We're gonna bring this to you, to the Buyers Channel right now -- $14.99. Folks, four-teen-ninety-nine! That is unheard of! For something of this quality, this caliber. Look at the richness and depths of the colors that you're seeing on your screen." Yep, totally salesman-like.

The video also provides a glimpse of the two player mode, in which players can compete against one another in versus fashion. And, yes, it's a lot of fun, based on the sessions that we've taken part in. And the host even goes into a story talking about Thanksgiving dinner and what you can do with members of the family with the game. Yep, he actually suggested that.

You can watch the video above, and then hope to find one of those cool ALF stuffed dolls for good measure.

Super Meat Boy is available now for Nintendo Switch, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.