New Super Nintendo World Concept Art Surfaces Online

Within a few days of seeing new images that showed Super Nintendo World under construction in Japan, another look at the upcoming theme park has apparently surfaced online. Instead of an image showing the in-progress building of the park, this latest reveal appears to be concept art that shows us yet again what the finished product will look like. Landmarks from across the Mushroom Kingdom show up in the concept art, and it appears to line up with depictions of the park that have been previously revealed.

This latest look at Super Nintendo World comes from the Xtrend Nikkei site (via Orlando ParkStop) and shows different locations like Bowser’s Castle and one of the towers on Princess Peach’s Castle. We also see a ton of other Mario-related entities and objects like the Coin Blocks, Mushroom Kingdom flags, Piranha Plants, and other things you’d find in pretty much any Mario game.

The image can be seen below courtesy of Orlando ParkStop’s Alicia Stella.

If you’ve been following along with the Super Nintendo World developments as concept art and other images have either been revealed or supposedly leaked online, you’ll notice that the new concept art appears to line up with what’s been seen before. An older image which appeared to show a leaked model for Super Nintendo World features many of the same features that this new concept art did including the locations of the attractions. There are some differences like the lack of signage in the concept art over attractions such as the Mario Kart ride housed in Bowser’s Castle, but for the most part, the two images line up with one another.


While all of these reveals are all just concepts until they’ve been put into place, we actually have received some legit photos of the park’s construction thanks to some Twitter users. Just a few days ago, a user on Twitter shared some images of the park being built. What’s interesting about those photos is that they also line up with the concept art and model, though a hilly, multi-leveled area filled with Coin Blocks and Goombas isn’t enough yet to verify the legitimacy of the leaks.

Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open its gates first in Japan in 2020.