Super Nintendo World Receives New Look at Construction in Universal Studios

After years of anticipation, Super Nintendo World finally opened up at Universal Studios in Japan [...]

After years of anticipation, Super Nintendo World finally opened up at Universal Studios in Japan earlier on in 2021. While this is the only location that the theme park is currently available at, a variant is set to eventually arrive at the Universal Studios locations in California and Florida in the United States as well. Although these iterations of Super Nintendo World might not open for a bit longer, however, it looks like construction on the version of the park in California is very much under way.

In a new video posted to a YouTube channel named Jsland, we've been able to get one of our first looks at Super Nintendo Land at Universal Studios in California. For the most part, the outline of the park seems to be wrapped up at this point. The video showed off numerous locations within Super Nintendo World have been structurally built out at this point in time. Although not much Nintendo iconography can be seen in the area at this point, you can see how it's all starting to come together.

If the finalized version of the California version of Super Nintendo World ends up being nearly identical to the Japanese iteration, then we already have an excellent idea of what to expect. Earlier this year, Nintendo gave a grand tour around its Japanese version of Super Nintendo World. The tour guide, which was that of Shigeru Miyamoto, highlighted nearly every locale within the park to give fans a better idea of what it looks like when completed.

For now, the biggest question mark we have about Super Nintendo World comes to its opening date. While the iteration of this amusement park in Orlando, Florida, is set to open in 2025, this version in California still doesn't have a date. Considering how far along the construction seems to be though, we might hear more about a date in the coming weeks and months.

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