Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod Adds Among Us Characters

Among Us characters have joined the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, courtesy of an unofficial mod. Among Us is the hottest game on the Internet right now. And thus, as a right of passage, its characters have been added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but not by Nintendo or Masahiro Sakurai, but by two new mods created by "Endersheep12345" and "PK_". And with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's final DLC characters likely already allotted, this is likely the closest we are going to get to seeing any of the Crewmates in the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game.

As YouTuber "64iOS" reveals, the mod uses Pac-Man as a template, meaning that while the characters look like they do in Among Us, they control and play just like Pac-Man. In other words, if you were hoping for the characters to come with their own moves as if they were actual DLC characters, this mod may leave you a bit disappointed.

Below, you can check out the mod for yourself, again, courtesy of 64iOS:

While it's not impossible an Among Us characters could be added to Super Smash Bros. in a future game, the ship has likely already sailed for the game to get some representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And of course, if the game/series doesn't have any staying power, it likely won't be in contention come the next Smash game, whenever that releases. All of this is to say, again, enjoy this mod, because it's likely all we are going to get.

As for who's coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next, Nintendo hasn't said. However, rumors suggest it could be a character from Fortnite, and that this news will be revealed at The Game Awards 2020 in December. However, for now, this is just a rumor.


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