'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Classic Mode Character Unlock Guide

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has plenty of characters to unlock, and if players follow a handy [...]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has plenty of characters to unlock, and if players follow a handy infographic for the game's Classic Mode, they can quickly get whatever fighter they're after.

There are multiple ways to unlock characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with one of those methods being the World of Light mode that lets players encounter fighters on the board game-styled map. Simply playing the game is enough to trigger a new challenger fight with a 10-minute cooldown between the encounters, but those who long for a traditional Smash Bros. experience can get their characters unlocked through the Classic Mode where one character is chosen and fights many opponents before the run ends and a new challenger is faced.

If you're looking for a specific fighter, there's a chart floating around that shows you exactly who you'll need to use to unlock that character. The chart's been shared throughout the community by now with this particular image below coming from the Smash Bros. subreddit.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Unlock Guide
(Photo: Reddit)

Following the chart should be simple enough, but to clear up any confusion and avoid a wasted run through the game's Classic Mode, all you have to do is follow the infographic vertically until you get to the character you want to unlock. By starting the Classic Mode which is found in the "Games and More" menu, pick one of the eight starting characters Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offers and complete a Classic Mode run with them. If you follow the chart laid out above, completing Classic Mode with one of the characters at the top should unlock the one beneath them. Mario, for example, will unlock Sonic, who will then unlock Bayonetta and so on until you reach the bottom of Mario's column. You don't have to keep playing as Mario or whatever starting character you pick every time and can switch to the next character to continue unlocking them down the column, but players have reported that you can also stick with the same character in the column to continue unlocking more fighters down the tree.

You can skip ahead in this tree as well assuming you've already unlocked some characters through simply spending time in the game or have found them in the World of Light mode. Say you come across Marth in the World of Light mode, for example, and beat his character to add him to your roster. You've just bypassed the need to play through the Classic Mode with Yoshi and then Lucario to unlock Marth, but players have reported that playing through the mode with the new character this way will unlock the fighter who comes before them if they're not already unlocked, not the fighter that comes after.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available for the Nintendo Switch.