New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gameplay: Snake Vs. King K. Rool

More Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gameplay was shared today that showed King K. Rool facing off [...]

More Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gameplay was shared today that showed King K. Rool facing off against Solid Snake and a 2v2 match consisting of Lucina and Chrom against Dark Samus and Ridley.

The gameplay revealed today features the unlikely meeting between the Nintendo and Metal Gear characters that's made possible by both of them being added in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Snake's been in past Smash games and returns once again for the Nintendo Switch game that extended invites to all fighters new and old, but this is King K. Rool's first appearance in the Smash games as he crosses over from the Donkey Kong universe.

King K. Rool was announced as another character that'll be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate earlier in the month with a trailer unveiling the fighter. The crocodile antagonist showed off some of his moves in the reveal trailer that featured a handheld cannon, a crown toss, and a counter that uses his big stomach to repel attacks, but the new gameplay video shows these more organically as he fights Snake for almost two minutes. The fight also appropriately takes place on the Kongo Falls map and shows just how big King K. Rool is when up against normal-sized characters.

Along with the King K. Rool video game another gameplay preview that featured the new "echo fighters" Chrom and Dark Samus. These two are mirrors of Roy and Samus, respectively, with the same movesets and different appearances. Both of these characters were revealed at the same time that King K. Rool made his first appearance.

Their gameplay video shows them clashing against one another, but if you've seen Roy and Samus fight, you already know what to expect. Ridley, however, is still quite the new face to Super Smash Bros., so it's a welcome sight seeing more of the Metroid creature's moves. We even get to see a preview of Ridley's Final Smash that sticks a target to the side of Samus' gunship before obliterating it.

Another feature showcased in the second video is the Stage Morph feature, a first for the Super Smash Bros. games. Once the option is turned on, this allows players to select not one, but two different maps to play on. Throughout the course of the fight, the stage will shift to the second map, something that we see happen at around a minute and 50 seconds into the video.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases for the Nintendo Switch on December 7.