How to Watch the New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Presentation

Today is the day! The new DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to be revealed by Nintendo extremely soon, and while there are a ton of rumors floating around, nothing seems definitive as of yet. Today's presentation from Nintendo is set to be a lengthy one, however, so there's every indication that even more new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate information will be announced during the livestream.

The presentation is scheduled to begin this morning at 9AM ET, and you can check it out below. The DLC fighter reveal will be done as part of a 35-minute livestream which will include an in-depth look at the new fighter. Given its length, and the whole "in-depth look" thing, there's almost no way Sakurai doesn't significantly dive into the abilities of the new fighter, but it is unclear exactly what else might be announced during the livestream.

As previously mentioned, there has been several rumors floating around, one of the most popular being Devil May Cry's Dante. Unfortunately, it seems like Capcom may have nipped that rumor in the bud late last night -- or is this all just a double fake? We'll find out soon enough!


What do you think Nintendo will reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Any fighters you'd love to see make an appearance? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up directly on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk all things gaming!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. The most recent DLC fighter released for the game is SNK's Terry Bogard, and while more DLC fighters were expected, it's currently unknown what exactly Sakurai and the team have up their collective sleeves. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular Nintendo fighting video game right here.