Incredible Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Banjo-Kazooie Easter Egg Discovered

When Banjo-Kazooie was first revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it nearly broke the [...]

When Banjo-Kazooie was first revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it nearly broke the Internet. Leaks had suggested the character was coming to the Nintendo Switch platform fighter, but the announcement at E3 still took Nintendo fans by storm. That said, despite all the fanfare around the character coming to the game -- which it did recently -- nobody has ever discovered one of the best Easter Eggs Banjo-Kazooie added. To be fair, the Easter Egg is somewhat easy to miss, but once you see it, well, it becomes painfully obvious. More specifically, there's an Easter Egg in the game that pays homage to the main theme of Banjo-Kazooie.

The Easter Egg was discovered by a fan over on Twitter, who pointed out that Banjo's Rapid Jab in the Nintendo Switch game has the same rhythm as the banjo in Banjo-Kazooie's main theme. Now, of course, this could be a coincidence, but as the Twitter user points out, the sounds sync up so well that this doesn't seem to be the case. In other words, if it's not by design, then it's a pretty massive coincidence. Below, you can be the judge for yourself:

It's worth pointing out that some fans commented noting that they always thought this was obvious, but it seems most Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players have never noticed the audio homage, which perhaps explains why the post went viral.

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