Nintendo Grants Wish Of Terminal Cancer Patient To Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Early

super smash bros ultimate
(Photo: Nintendo)

Earlier this month, Chris Taylor -- a terminal cancer patient, who was recently and tragically told he only had a few more months to live -- took to Twitter to express his fears that he wouldn't get to play one of his most anticipated games this year, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which isn't releasing until the final month of 2018.

What followed this thread was an example of how, sometimes, the Internet can be an awesome place. Not long after this heatbreaking thread went live, the Nintendo community gathered around Chris with support in the form of encouragement, as well as retweets. And apparently the latter was great enough that it caught Nintendo's attention, who recently brought a demo of the Nintendo Switch exclusive to Chris' home.


Hats off to Nintendo for this, but more importantly best wishes to Chris during this scary and challenging time of his life. Hopefully you got to kick Ice Climbers ass. And hopefully Capcom follows suit with its demo of Devil May Cry 5.