Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Next DLC Character Possibly Teased

When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched for Nintendo Switch back in December, it did so with a massive roster that featured every fighter from the series. Since then, it's added to that roster with Persona 5's Joker, the game's second post-launch character, and Petey Piranha, the first post-launch addition. This summer it's poised to add the game's third DLC character, Hero from Dragon Quest XI, who will be followed by Banjo-Kazooie this fall. That leaves two more slots, and fans are already wondering who's coming after Banjo and his bird friend. Well, it looks like it may be Shantae from the series of the same name.

Recently, Shantae developer WayForward released the opening animation of Shantae 5 at Anime Expo 2019, which was produced by renowned animation studio, Studio Trigger. In the opening animation, there's a scene showing Shantae looking at a window, but not just any ol' window, a window that looks an awfully lot like the iconic Super Smash Bros. logo. Now, this could be a coincidence, it could be a homage, or it's possibly a teaser of things to come. The latter seems the least likely, but there's enough meat on this bone that it's been making the rounds in the Super Smash Bros. community.

Now, Shantae is hardly the most recognizable character, but the series does go way back with Nintendo. In other words, it's certainly possible she's the next or one of the next DLC characters coming to the platform fighter, but I personally wouldn't take that bet to the bookies, mostly because she's already a spirit fighter in the game.

Unfortunately, we probably won't be hearing about the game's next DLC character until after Banjo-Kazooie goes live, so it may be quite awhile before we see if there's anything to this.

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