Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Giving Away 2 Free Goodies for a Limited Time

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is giving out two free items to players for a limited period of time. [...]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is giving out two free items to players for a limited period of time. Specifically, these two free goodies take the form of Spirits, which are an in-game collectible within the popular fighting game. And while this offer might sound alluring to virtually everyone who owns Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, only those who are subscribed to one of Nintendo's services can get these Spirits for themselves.

The parameters of this free deal involving Super Smash Bros. Ultimate requires that players be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online. If you're not familiar with what this is, it's Nintendo's online service that allows players to play games with others via the internet. Additionally, the subscription service also rewards subscribers with free goodies like this from time to time.

In order to claim these free Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you'll have to visit the Nintendo Switch Online subsection of your Switch's home menu. From here, you then need to visit a designated tab within this app that is known as "Special Offers". Once here, you should then see the Smash Ultimate offer, which is specifically known as the Spirits Set 2. It's also worth stressing that this deal can't be taken advantage of if you're merely using a free trial of Nintendo Switch Online.

When it comes to what you'll actually obtain in Spirits Set 2, the Spirits in question will be randomized. One Primary Spirit of the Legendary tier will be included in this set to go along with one Ace tier Support Spirit. Both will be added to your overall Spirits collection when you next open Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Spirits you obtain can then be viewed in your Spirits collection, which you can find in the accompanying menu in-game.

In other news related to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this should be a pretty big week for the game. Tomorrow on June 28, game director Masahiro Sakurai will be sharing a new look at Kazuya from the Tekken series, who is slated to be the next DLC fighter joining the roster. In all likelihood, we should then hear news of a release date for Kazuya as well. We will be sure to share that information with you here on once it comes to light.

What do you think about this new free offering in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Are you going to look to snag these new Spirits for yourself? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter @MooreMan12.

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