'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Spirit Event Will Focus On the Classic NES Era

Whenever a new Spirit event takes place in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, thousands of players flock to it to see what they can add to their collection. And the latest one looks to be jam-packed with nostalgia, as it'll be based upon the old-school Nintendo Entertainment System 8-bit era.

Super Smash 2

Nintendo announced the latest event on the official Smash Bros. Japanese Twitter page, set to kick off on January 4 (this Friday) and running for three days. "[Spirits event] 3 days from 1/4 (Fri), the Spirit board event "Atsuto!"
The spirit of the NES] is held! The spirit that appeared in the NES and the disk system is a large collection!" the company noted in its tweet.

"If you win a battle with the spirit of interest, you can get a snack more than usual!" You can see it in full below, complete with a fun little image to boot.

Though exact NES spirits weren't listed, there are a number of characters featured on the poster that fans will instantly recognize. These include Donkey Kong (with captive Pauline in hand); Excitebike; Balloon Fight; Donkey Kong 3; Kid Dracula; Wild Gunman and Duck Hunt, amongst others.

These Spirits should show up fairly frequently over the course of the three days, giving players opportunities to snag them, along with other rewards.

We'll let you know as soon as the publisher reveals a full list of what could be on hand. But this will no doubt be good news for those of you looking to get some retro goodness from the Nintendo Switch brawler. Maybe we'll see a little SNES goodness come down the road as well? Or, for that matter, GameCube. What we wouldn't give for some Super Smash Bros. Melee related goodness.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch, as both a physical title and a digital download through the Nintendo eShop.