Asmodee Launches Talisman: Origins and Digital Edition DLC

Fans of the long-running Talisman series from Games Workshop will get to experience the franchise in a whole new way with Talisman: Origins from Asmodee Digital. Origins is a new video game adaptation of the original series that shifts the focus on a solo play experience, one that allows fans to dive back into the myths and history of the Talisman world while you're attempting to save the world from the evil forces that would destroy it, and the great part is the game is out now.

Players will learn more about Talisman lore as they play through the solo campaign with one of 12 different Talisman characters. That includes an exclusive new hero the Great Wizard, but you don't just have to be on the good side. If you so choose you can also play as an evil overlord, attempting to take out the heroic fortresses and leave the heroes regretting the day they ever took you on.

This is a chance for longtime fans to experience their favorite universe in a new way and for new fans to learn about this popular world, and the core game comes with 20 quests that you'll play through four campaigns, and 100 challenges total to complete.

(Photo: Asmodee Digital)

If you don't want to go all in with Origins, Asmodee Digital is also releasing new downloadable content for the original Talisman: Digital Edition. The pack is titled The Ancient Beasts, and you can find the official description and what's included in the bundle below.

2 Characters - Specialist and Trophy Hunter

15 Beast Cards

13 Terrain Cards

27 Beast Reward Cards

2 Alternative Endings

6 Tokens

(Photo: Asmodee Digital)

"In The Ancient Beasts, the sacred soil is now scorched and destroyed by wizards and witches while mysterious new forces have emerged in the form of long-dormant behemoths and titans of Talisman, finally awakening to a new quest for the Crown."

You can find the official description for Talisman: Origins below as well.


"Talisman: Origins takes players back to the history of the world of Talisman, guiding players through the creation of the Crown of Command, the Return of Dragons, the Ifrit War and the Rise of the Guilds. By controlling 12 Talisman characters, including the exclusive new Great Wizard, they battle to save the land from malevolent fantastical forces, including dragons and demons. Those looking to take a walk on the wild side will be able to play as an evil overlord, deploying hordes of foes to destroy the heroic fortresses. Talisman: Origins features 20 quests spread across four campaigns, with a total of 100 challenges to complete."

Talisman: Origins and The Ancient Beasts DLC for the Talisman: Digital Edition are now available on the App Store and Google Play, as well as Steam.