Teamfight Tactics Is Adding 4 New Hextech Champions

Four new champions are coming to Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics mode, each of them bearing the Hextech origin that's being introduced for the first time. These four champions are Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx, each of which boast different classes to add to existing team compositions along with unique abilities based on their League of Legends spells. Like other origins, these Hextech champions cost varying amounts and exist between the first and fourth tiers.

Riot Games announced the four new champions on Wednesday and confirmed that they'd be coming to the game mode's test servers on the same day when all the patches go live. They'll stay on the test servers until Patch 9.16 releases with that update currently scheduled to release on August 14th.

Each of the champions joining Teamfight Tactics are outlined below along with explanations of what they can do that come straight from Riot. You'll also find a breakdown of what Hextech champions can do with their item-disabling powers.

Hextech Champions

  • Hextech
    • At 2/4 Hextech, disable 2/4 random items on the enemy's board at the start of combat.
    • Random here = randomly select a unit from all units that have items, then randomly disable one of the items on that unit. This means it actually is generally more reliable vs players who are stacking all their items on a few units.
  • Camille
    • Class: Blademaster
    • Ability: Hextech Ultimatum - Camille roots and damages her current auto-attack target. Camille's abilities that can attack that target will switch their current target to do so.
    • Tier: 1
  • Jayce
    • Class: Shapeshifter
    • Ability: Thundering Blow + Transform Mercury Cannon - Knock back his target then change to ranged, gaining max attack speed for a few attacks.
    • Tier: 2
  • Vi
    • Class: Brawler
    • Ability: Assault and Battery - Vi targets the furthest enemy and launches towards them, knocking aside everyone else while knocking up and dealing damage on impact with her target.
    • Tier: 3
  • Jinx
    • Class: Gunslinger
    • Ability: Get Excited - Jinx gets more excited as she scores takedowns. After her first, she gains attacked speed. After her second, she pulls out Fishbones for AoE damage on Autos.
    • Tier: 4

In related news, Riot confirmed that Teamfight Tactics will indeed be kept on as a permanent mode in League of Legends. This means that it won't go the way of Nexus Blitz and other modes that never fully came to fruition as permanent additions, though Teamfight Tactics' permanence shouldn't be too surprising given the reception that the mode has received.