Teamfight Tactics Players Can Get Little Legends With Twitch Prime

Teamfight Tactics players who double as Twitch Prime subscribers now have some new loot waiting for them if they’ve got their accounts linked. The latest reveal of Twitch Prime loot confirmed that players can get up to four different Little Legends and a random skin shard to be used in the normal League of Legends mode, assuming they have an active account long enough. The first of the two content drops is available now with the second one coming soon.

The content Twitch Prime subscribers get from the deal can be found here through the Twitch Prime page that highlights the Teamfight Tactics offer. Simply sign into a Twitch account that’s enrolled in Twitch Prime and follow the instructions that guide players through the process of connecting their League of Legends account with their Twitch Prime credentials. After you’ve done that, you’ll receive the first of the Twitch Prime drops that’s called a “Little Legends Twin Egg.” It’s a loot box for the Little Legends that contains two of the trusty companions players will then see in Teamfight Tactics and in the ARAM game mode.

This offer stands until October 28th when you won’t be able to get the first Little Legends Twin Egg anymore. Remain a Twitch Prime subscriber for a while longer and you’ll get the second drop when it releases on the day the first loot giveaway goes away. The second offer comes with another egg and a skin shard that’ll potentially give you a skin you’re happy with assuming you’ve got the Essence required to craft it.

If you’ve been playing League of Legends long enough to see the past Twitch Prime drops for the main game, you’ve probably already got a Prime account ready to receive this loot depending on the duration you signed up for. This is the first Teamfight Tactics loot drop that’s happened though, so if you just joined the game for that mode, you’ll need to connect your accounts. One could always just sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and connect the accounts to get the loot, but the only issue with that is that you won’t get next month’s drop once the subscription expires.

Teamfight Tactics’ first Twitch Prime loot drop is now available for subcribers.