Teamfight Tactics Is Getting True Damage Little Legends

Teamfight Tactics players are getting some new Little Legends soon that are directly inspired by the True Damage music group. Three different Little Legends were revealed in a trailer that previewed the release of the Series 5 companions in Teamfight Tactics. These three Little Legends are named QiQi, Ossia, and Melisma, and each of the True Damage Little Legends will be added to the game mode starting on November 10th.

Each of these three Little Legends can be seen in the trailer above where they make their way onto the stage after a sword-bearing Featherknight kicks things off. The champions they’re inspired by are Akali, Qiyana, and Senna, and they appear in that order. Each of the three champions are ones that are part of the new True Damage music group, and like other Little Legends, they appear to have different versions of them to give players a variety of options to acquire.

The Qiyana and Senna inspirations are more obvious thank Akali’s but if you need to verify who each one of these Little Legends are based off of, look no further than the original True Damage “Breakout” video. That music video that’s seen below introduced the League of Legends community to the champions that make up the group, and the actions that the Little Legends take and the way they’re introduced perfectly mimics the music video.


According to Riot’s trailer, these new Little Legends will be available for Teamfight Tactics players to pick up starting on November 10th. It’s unclear from the trailer how they’ll be sold, but we can look to past Little Legends products as an example. Random Little Legend Eggs across different series have historically been sold for 490 RP whereas specific Little Legends were sold with a bundle for 750 RP. A similar pricing system will probably be employed when the Series 5 Little Legends are released, though considering how they’ll be joined by the True Damage skins for the actual champions, there’s always the chance that they’ll be wrapped into a bundle that includes a Little Legend Egg and a skin.

Riot’s new Little Legends will be available for Teamfight Tactics players starting on November 10th.

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