Techland Set To Celebrate Dying Light’s Third Anniversary With Giveaways, New Content

It’s hard to believe that Techland’s Dying Light has been out for three years now. It only [...]

It's hard to believe that Techland's Dying Light has been out for three years now. It only felt like yesterday that we were drop kicking zombies off of buildings and lighting them ablaze with makeshift weapons.

What's even more surprising is that the developer opted to support the original game with new content, instead of saving it for a potential sequel. And the party isn't about to end anytime soon, as it has a lot planned for the game's third anniversary.

The company has confirmed that it will hold weekly giveaways on both the Steam and Gemly platforms, in the form of in-game content. Check out the video above to see more information on upcoming content!

It's also noted that it will host a special Valentine's Day event, with a new community bounty called Undying Love. This is just the beginning of new content that's being planned for the game, as the company is hard at work on a new in-game content drop that will take place sometime this month.

Finally, if you don't have Dying Light just yet, Techland has noted that it will be discounting the game up to 67 percent on nearly every platform that it's been released for. That includes consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The game has gotten quite a bit of longevity, and has also seen strong support from the community. Thus far, Dying Light has managed to sell over 13 million copies, and has a consistent audience of about 500,000 players that are enjoying beating the crap out of zombies.

Producer Tymon Smektala had a lot to say about the game's staying power. "Dying Light's longevity is a result of the studio's hard work, combined with the efforts of our community, who have shown unparalleled love for the game and spent countless hours in Harran. We are nothing but thankful for this exceptional commitment and players' eagerness to provide us with constructive feedback that helped us make a better game."

More content could be coming as the year goes on as well, as Techland definitely wants to keep this zombie ball rolling.

Dying Light is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.