Telltale Games CEO Steps Down, Replaced by Zynga Exec


The CEO and cofounderfor the story-based video game company Telltale Games has been replaced by Pete Hawley, an executive from Zynga.

Telltale Games is a developer and publisher known for its video game adaptations of different cinematic experiences ranging from The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones. The company has also tackled narrative-driven versions of popular games like Borderlands, and with new games and story chapters coming out frequently, Hawley looks to have plenty of growth to manage as the new CEO.

Hawley takes the spot of Dan Connors, one of the three cofounders of the company that’s been growing since its start in 2014. In the beginning, Hawley was the CEO for Telltale Games, but he later passed the position onto another cofounder, Kevin Bruner. After Bruner resigned from the position and passed it back to Connors, Telltale Games began its search for a more permanent replacement for the CEO position.

Fans of Telltale Games’ products shouldn’t have to worry too much about their games radically changing direction with the transition to a new company leader. In an interview with GamesBeat, Hawley said that it wouldn’t be wise for him to come in and start pushing big changes for the still-growing company.

“A big mistake would be to come in and vastly change or wreck what is going well,” he told GamesBeat. “I have respect for the teams and the work that Dan and Kevin have done. It is a friendly pass of the baton.”

Prior to becoming the CEO for Telltale Games, Hawley amassed quite a bit of experience in the video game industry. Hawley was a senior vice president and general manager of games over at Zynga for several years, and before that, he was involved with companies like Red Robot Labs and Sony.

Hawley officially takes the CEO position for Telltale Games as the company continues to work towards releases for Minecraft, Batman: The Enemy Within, and other story-based titles.




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