Tempest 4000 Confirmed For Spring 2018 Release, Gets Official Steam Page

Tempest 4000

Last year, Atari confirmed that it was bringing its arcade classic Tempest back for a new generation to enjoy, in the form of Tempest 4000. We went hands-on with the game and enjoyed the arcade bliss it had to offer – but, for some reason, it still didn’t have a release date at the time.

However, it looks like the publisher has finally confirmed when we’ll be able to get our hands on the game and once again experience its “superzapper recharge" with each passing stage.

An official Steam page for Tempest 4000 has popped up, indicating that the game will be released in spring 2018. While that’s not an exact release date, it does give us a good idea of when we can expect the game to finally arrive.

Per the official product listing, “Tempest 4000 is a visually stunning, action-packed tube shooter based on the classic hit arcade game, Tempest. Developed by legendary game designer, Jeff Minter, Tempest 4000 remains faithful to the original fast-paced gameplay by putting you in control of the Claw, a powerful spacecraft equipped to destroy deadly creatures and other obstructions with rapid-fire shots on vibrant geometric prisms. Featuring fantastical graphical environments, 100 levels, three game modes, and more, you must eliminate all enemies as fast as possible to survive and compete for the highest score on the leaderboards.”

The game doesn’t have an official price point just yet, but it’s expected to be around $19.99 or so, considering that Atari is trying to appeal to the retro crowd, just as it did with the Atari Flashback series.

The game is also slated to arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and while those versions don’t have a release date either, they’re expected around the same time, in spring 2018.

Atari is set to have a huge showcase at the Game Developers Conference next week, and it’s there that we’ll likely get more information about Tempest. Fingers crossed that it's soon.

For now, it’s nice to know that we’ll be getting this piece of arcade bliss sooner rather than later. Eat Electric Death!



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