New Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update Live, Patch Notes Released

The new update adds quality of life improvements and new paid content.

A new patch is rolling out for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and should be live soon for all platforms. The update is on the smaller side, mostly fixing a handful of issues and making some quality of life adjustments. Notably, there have been changes made to the weather in the Nancy's House map, which is meant to improve the experience for players with light sensitivity. There won't be any free content, but players can also look forward to a couple of new paid options, including an outfit pack for Connie, and another Execution pack. Full patch notes from the game's official website can be found below. 


Tuned: Nancy's House – Nighttime Weather 

  • We have increased the sound of thunder by 25% 

  • Lightning strobing will flash 3 times per second at max to aid those who are photosensitive 

Fixed: Infinite Skill Points 

  • We have fixed an issue where respeccing allowed players to gain an infinite amount of skill points 

  • Now when respeccing, players will receive the appropriate amount of skill points 

Fixed: Blood on Nancy's Prim 'N Proper Outfit

  • We have fixed the issue where blood was not showing up on Nancy's Prim 'N Proper Outfit when Nancy executes a Victim 

Fixed: Johnny Voice Lines Text 

  • There was an error with Johnny's voice lines to Nancy that showed his dialogue as "missing string table entry" 

  • The proper text now appears when the voice lines trigger  

Like the rest of the game's outfit packs, the Connie Outfit Pack II is a cheaper option, costing just $4.99. For that price, players will receive multiple different outfits for the Victim, though the game's official Twitter account says that there is currently an issue with the green one, and the developer is working on a fix. There's also the Execution Pack III, which is priced at $6.99. Gun Media is promising that it includes "some of our most brutal kills to date," so Killer mains might want to consider jumping on this one. From the trailer, it seems this is not for the squeamish, as the family members can be seen violently killing off the game's Victims in increasingly horrifying ways. If you've ever wanted to see Leatherface uppercut a Victim's face with his chainsaw before running the blade down through their chest while they scream in agony on the ground... well, this one is definitely for you, then! 

At this time, there's still no news on the game's next Killer. "Hands" was teased earlier this month, and will be arriving sometime in June. We don't know if he'll be accompanied by any other content for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, like a new map, but hopefully Gun Media will have more to say in the next few weeks! 

What do you think of this update for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Do you plan on buying any of this paid content? Share your thoughts with me directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp, on Bluesky at @Marcdachamp, or on Instagram at @Dachampgaming!